About​ the Astral Assemblage

About Astral Assemblage

In the vast reaches of the cosmos, amidst the twinkle of distant stars and the swirling dance of galaxies, lies the universe of The Astral Assemblage. A realm where celestial beings of incredible power guide the fates of myriad worlds, where ancient wisdom intertwines with untamed forces of nature, and where every decision can tip the balance of the cosmos.

The Astral Assemblage is a universe of mystery and revelation, where knowledge is power and secrets are the true currency. A universe where the dance of celestial bodies echoes the rhythm of a grand cosmic narrative, and each star in the sky is but a note in the eternal symphony of existence.

The Seven Archons Deck

At the heart of The Astral Assemblage is the Seven Archons deck – a deck not just of cards, but of infinite possibilities. The Seven Archons deck is composed of 84 meticulously designed cards, each representing a distinct aspect or entity within the universe.

The deck comprises seven Archons, each with their own suite of 11 Aspect cards, forming the backbone of the deck’s strategic potential. The Archons represent celestial forces of nature, while the Aspects reflect different facets of each Archon, allowing for a wide range of strategic plays.

What makes the Seven Archons deck unique is its versatility. It is not just a deck for one game, but a tool that can be used to play multiple games, each with their own set of rules and strategies. It invites players to explore different facets of the Astral Assemblage universe and engage with its themes in diverse ways.

Aeon’s Ascent

Among the many games you can play with the Seven Archons deck, one stands out for its strategic depth and captivating narrative – Aeon’s Ascent. In Aeon’s Ascent, players take on the roles of cosmic entities known as the Purveyors of Chaos in a celestial power struggle, weaving their strategies around the abilities of the Archons and their Aspects to drive back The Urge and his Hypostasis of Archons.

Aeon’s Ascent is more than a game – it’s a journey into the heart of the Astral Assemblage universe. It’s an invitation to participate in an epic cosmic saga, a tale of power and wisdom, sacrifice and redemption. Every move you make, every strategy you devise, every victory and defeat, becomes a part of the grand narrative.

Get ready to ascend the Aeons, to explore the depths of cosmic wisdom, to harness the power of celestial entities, and to leave your mark on the cosmos. Welcome to The Astral Assemblage. Welcome to Aeon’s Ascent.

Seven Celestial Beings floating in the Cosmos - Representing the Seven Archons of the Hypostasis

Greg Johnson,
Creator &
Front-End Web Developer

About the Creator

You ever pass out, collapse and put your head through a wall, then wake up and invent a card game? I did!

Hey there, I’m Greg Johnson, Creator and Developer of the Astral Assemblage Universe and the Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent Card Game Series.
This is my first multi-platform game, and I’m taking my 20+ years as a Web Developer to task to create what I hope to be a new favorite game of yours, Aeon’s Ascent.
By day, I work at one of the largest manufacturers of Musical Instruments overseeing the development and content published to our Front-End.
After work you’ll usually find me making music, painting, or as of this writing, obsessing over creating the universe and games that make up the Astral Assemblage Universe.
I live near Nashville, Tennessee in the City of Clarksville with a cat named Binks.
You might be wondering about that headline up above, and it’s very true! I had a weird experience one night where I passed-out for no known reason and ended up hitting my head hard enough against the wall when I fell to put a hole in it. It was pretty scary.
To cope, I decided I was going to start a new web development project, and I’ve always enjoyed strategy and card games. So here we are. 🙂

Greg Johnson,
aka The Astral Arkitekt