Aria, Archon of Cosmic Symphony


Archon: Aria
Type: Archon
Card Color: Magenta

Aria, the Archon of Cosmic Symphony and the Diplomatic Leader of the Unity Envoys, plays a pivotal role in the Salvific Scales saga with her profound connection to the Cosmic Symphony. Her ability to sense and manipulate cosmic energies makes her an invaluable asset in navigating the tumultuous events that unfold. As the saga progresses, Aria’s insights and harmonious interventions become key to unraveling the complex tapestry of destiny and choice that defines the struggle within the Hypostasis. Her actions, guided by the melodies of the Cosmic Symphony, resonate deeply, influencing the course of events with the same subtlety and power with which she conducts the energies of the cosmos.


Aria’s “Euphoric Crescendo” coalescence unleashes a profound burst of Symphonic Energy, a melody so pure and uplifting that it weaves through the battleground, mending wounds and bolstering spirits. This radiant outpouring of energy bathes all players and Archons in a healing light, restoring their vitality with rolls of 1xd8 for players and an amplified 1xd8*7 for Archons. Moreover, this euphoric wave tempers the tide of battle, reducing the damage multiplier for players and diminishing Archon damage by 3 for the ensuing three turns, echoing Aria’s role as a harmonizer, seamlessly blending the notes of conflict into a symphony of peace and resilience.