Calantha, Archon of Frozen Wastes


Archon: Calantha
Type: Archon
Card Color: Blue

Calantha, the Archon of the Frozen Wastes and the Custodian of the Akashic Records, embodies the serene yet relentless force of her icy domain. In the Salvific Scales saga, her pivotal role unfolds as she masterfully navigates the intricate web of events, her actions echoing the profound depth of her wisdom and the chilling reach of her power. She stands as a beacon of resilience and insight amidst the swirling chaos, guiding her realm and allies with a calm yet unyielding hand. Her presence in the saga is as impactful as the biting winds of her frozen wastelands, shaping the course of events with the same precision and grace with which she commands the ice and snow.


In a tactical masterstroke, Calantha utilizes her coalescence, “Deep Freeze,” to introduce a strategic pause in the heat of battle. By freezing the draw pile, she compels players to rely solely on the cards in their hands, creating a moment of reflection amid the chaos. This maneuver not only reflects her dominion over the frozen elements but also her deep-seated wisdom, forcing adversaries to adapt and strategize with what they have, echoing the survivalist ethos of her icy realm.