Oriel, Archon of Radiant Nebulae


Archon: Oriel
Type: Archon
Card Color: White

Oriel, the Archon of Radiant Nebulae, serves as the guiding light of the Divine Protectorate, embodying the roles of commander and protector within the vast expanse of the Hypostasis. Her authority resonates throughout the cosmos, safeguarding the celestial order against chaos. In the Salvific Scales saga, Oriel’s wisdom and celestial prowess are pivotal, showcasing her ability to lead the Divine Protectorate with a combination of strategic acumen and radiant benevolence. Her presence is a beacon of hope and guidance, illuminating the paths of her allies while casting shadows of deterrence upon her adversaries. Her command over the radiant energies of the nebulae not only empowers her but also serves as a testament to her role as a custodian of cosmic harmony and order.


Oriel’s Blinding Light coalescence forces the players to attack “blindly”. Flip all archons on the battleground over so the Archon’s identity’s are hidden, shuffle them together a few times, then deal them out onto the battleground face down. Effect lasts for 3 turns. If alone on the battleground, Oriel’s Blinding Light coalescence reduces all incoming damage by 50% for 3 turns.