Orin, Archon of Comet Trails


Archon: Orin
Type: Archon
Card Color: Orange

Orin, the Archon of Comet Trails and the enigmatic Spymaster General of the Hypostasis Intelligencia, claims the vast expanse of the cosmos as his domain. His mastery over comet trajectories is matched only by his command of the Shadow Network, orchestrating a symphony of espionage and intelligence that courses unseen through the Hypostasis. Amidst the cosmic dance, Orin stands as a figure of both brilliance and obscurity, navigating the celestial paths with a tactician’s precision and a spy’s subtlety. His pivotal role in the Salvific Scales saga highlights his strategic depth, as his actions ripple across the cosmos, influencing the fate of stars and the course of celestial events with the same deftness he employs to steer the currents of information and intrigue within his vast network of Whispers.


Orin’s coalescence, known as “Celestial Reset,” mirrors his profound connection with the cosmos and his role as the Spymaster General. By invoking this power, Orin manipulates the fabric of space to create a gravitational anomaly, drawing all cards from both players’ hands back into the draw pile. This force, reminiscent of the cosmic phenomena he governs, reshuffles the deck of fate, allowing players to redraw an equal number of cards, effectively resetting the game’s state and offering a strategic reprieve in dire situations. The ensuing disorientation from this celestial upheaval inflicts 1xd8 damage, symbolizing the tumultuous impact of his intervention in the cosmic and strategic order.