Thorne, Archon of Black Holes


Archon: Thorne
Type: Archon
Card Color: Black

Thorne, the Archon of Black Holes and the Leader of the Celestial Directorate, embodies the enigmatic and formidable nature of the universe’s darkest phenomena. In the Salvific Scales saga, Thorne’s pivotal role in the cosmic drama unfolds as his creation of a void rift ushers in a tumultuous era, challenging the very fabric of the Hypostasis. His leadership of the Celestial Directorate showcases his strategic depth and his willingness to delve into the unknown, wielding the power of black holes not just as weapons but as tools for cosmic manipulation and exploration. This blend of scientific brilliance and political acumen marks Thorne as a figure of awe and mystery, steering the course of events with a hand as invisible as the forces he commands.


Thorne’s “Event Horizon” coalescence manifests his mastery over the enigmatic forces of black holes. By creating a miniature black hole, he exerts a gravitational pull so intense that it draws in all players’ cards, disrupting strategies and altering the flow of the battle which summons a void creature directly to the battleground, introducing an unpredictable element to the fray. The resulting chaos inflicts significant damage to all players, determined by the roll of a d8 die. The gravitational pull of the black hole compels players to relinquish any cards in their hand at the end of their turn, symbolizing the inescapable pull of an actual event horizon.