Xanthe, Archon of Solar Flares


Archon: Xanthe
Type: Archon
Card Color: Gold

Xanthe, Archon of Solar Flares, exemplifies the embodiment of radiant, solar might. Commanding the Martial Vanguard, her presence on the battlefield is as brilliant and fierce as the solar phenomena she controls. Known for her awe-inspiring prowess and strategic acumen, Xanthe’s leadership is a beacon for her forces, guiding them with the intensity and unpredictability of a solar flare. Her Coalescence ability, “Solar Flare,” unleashes a devastating burst of intense solar energy, showcasing her control over the formidable and scorching essence of the sun, a power that resonates with her fiery spirit and martial expertise.


Xanthe, the Archon of Solar Flares, harnesses the sheer might of the sun to fuel her “Solar Flare” ability. This formidable power allows her to cast a burst of devastating solar energy, echoing the unpredictability and intense radiance of her celestial domain. As the Commander of the Martial Vanguard, her tactical brilliance shines through in this ability, symbolizing her role as a beacon of strength and guidance for her forces, channeling the sun’s fierce energy to vanquish foes with the same relentless force as the solar phenomena she embodies.

Xanthe’s “Solar Flare” coalescence ability allows her to unleash a burst of intense solar energy in the game, causing damage to players with a recurring fire burst over three turns. This ability reflects her domain over solar flares and her role as the commander of the Martial Vanguard, providing a strategic advantage in gameplay by inflicting sustained damage over multiple turns​​.