A peek into our future: The Void Mosaic Roadmap to the Astral Assemblage

A peek into our future: The Void Mosaic Roadmap to the Astral Assemblage

What is up Web 3 friend? I do hope you can forgive my excitement, but I just had a breakthrough of sorts with Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent, here.

You see, I’ve been working on the Play-to-Earn and Blockchain mechanics to catapult my game into the Web 3 space. If you’ve got a few minutes I’d like to invite you on this meandering journey to the creation of my first 3d Generative Art Project: The Void Mosaics.

What’s a void Mosaic?

Wellllllll…. lol… Hmmm…

Void Mosaics are at once, intricate works of 3d Generative Art… They’re also visual representations of Bitcoin Blocks by transaction size… And most importantly to me, they’re a promise of what’s to come for Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent.

You see… *cough cough* ahem. Let me put on my “Cosmic Wanderer” narrator voice for this…

Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent and the Lore Behind the Void Mosaics

In a Universe bound by substance and order exist the Seven Spirits before the Throne. Powerful Archons that rule the Hypostasis – a consortium of populated planets in the Material World Universe.

The Archons, in their quest for expansion, have torn the fabric of the Material World, unleashing a deluge of Void Creatures with an insatiable hunger for Zoe-tropic light, the life-energy pervading all living things. Worlds fall, billions perish, and the sanctity of life itself hangs in the balance as these voracious entities spread their dark influence across the Hypostasis.

Cygnus, Archon of Celestial Bodies, Lord of Technology - Seven Archons: Aeon's Ascent

Enter Cygnus, Archon of Celestial Bodies, Lord of Technology…

Cygnus – ever the inventor – took to doing what he does best, and fashioned a series of massive cosmic constructs, spreading them far and wide across all the Hypostasis. These Constructs came to be known as the Void Mosaics. Breathtaking in their beauty, they act as lures, resonating with an irresistible call that draws out and dispatches Void Creatures, protecting any nearby Star Systems.

These Void Mosaics are a beacon of hope in the darkness, and a testament to the ingenuity of the Seven Archons. They are a symbol of the unity of the Hypostasis, as they are crafted from the very fabric of the Astral Assemblage Multiverse.

Bitmap Holders: NOW is your time to take up the fight against the Void Creature Incursion. These Void Mosaics are yours to do with as you please. Download them, inscribe them, modify them, but whatever you do… Bring them with you to Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent when we launch our early access program. You WILL be rewarded.

VOID MOSAICS = Epic In-Game Survival-Mode Chaos!

How tall can you stand against a never-ending onslaught of Void Creatures?

Bitmap Holders will be able to check-in with the Void Mosaics in game and deploy them to their star system for daily quests, and occasional exclusive Void Mosaic missions that will enable fast travel between star systems!

Void Creatures are nasty little buggers in Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent. Unlike the Archons, you can’t capture a void creature. You can only dispatch them back into the Void from whence they came. If they can be destroyed, we haven’t figured out how, yet. But we have figured out how to trap them thanks to Cygnus.

Enjoy play-daily Survival Mode encounters where you face an onslaught of Void Creatures. Your mission? To dispatch as many as possible before they destroy you! Survive for as long as you can. Yield rewards above and beyond your normal Liberation matches you’ll enjoy during normal Aeon’s Ascent gameplay.

Alas I’m not there yet with development… BUT! There is a plan and now that I’ve gotten all this into your head, I can share it with you!

The Road To The Astral Assemblage: The Void Mosaic RoadmAP

Blockchain Friendly 3D Void Mosaics

I think step one on the road to the Astral Assemblage with these Void Mosaics is getting them on chain. I already have the code in place to render and send the user a download of their Void Mosaic in Metaverse-friendly GLB format, but they need compression and optimization if they’re going to fit on the Bitcoin Blockchain as an Ordinal.

Make them Customizable

Personalization is key… I want for you to be able to check in with your bitmap(s) and view and customize your Void Mosaic to suit YOU. It is yours to do with as you please after all! This will include a selection of “skins” – I’m going to commit to Seven. One for each of the Chief Seven Archons.

Additionally you should be able to adjust things like it’s opacity, metalness, color, glow, and even add some special effects. This can all be done right from the browser, but it’s going to take some development time to add this feature. This is a bigger lift than optimizing the Void Mosaics to fit on the blockchain, and it feeds perfectly into the next phase of the Void Mosaic Roadmap…

Make Void Mosaics Inscribable

Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent is just the FIRST Web 3 game that will be set in the Astral Assemblage Multiverse. And it’s quickly shaping up to be an early adopter / case-study on building a metaverse around a video game.

My vision for the assets I create on my path to releasing Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent is to make collectibles that have utility that travels between games. Maybe you play Aeon’s Ascent and you also play one of our future titles. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Void Mosaic had utility in both games? These could be entirely different experiences… Aeon’s Ascent will be an immersive 3d browser based strategy game. Our next game might be an Unreal Engine action adventure! Who knows what the future holds?

What I do know now, is that the portability requirements necessitate getting the Void Mosaics on chain if this is to become a reality. So what I am planning is to make the Void Mosaic Viewer capable of allowing you to inscribe your customized 3d Void Mosaic to the Bitcoin Blockchain without having to jump through any unnecessary hoops. Very excited about this step.

Make them Experienceable

My favorite part of Game Development – the Lore Writing aside – is definitely brainstorming game mechanics. And I have some fun plans for making the Void Mosaics playable and experienceable.

  • Daily Deathmatches – As mentioned above, in-game, these void mosaics entitle you the holder to take part in Daily Deathmatches against an onslaught of Void Creatures where your goal is to set a new all time high score, dispatch as many Void Creatures as possible and reap cool rewards
  • Exclusive Missions – These are precious objects within the Hypostasis, and the Astral Assemblage Multiverse as a whole. While they are numerous there are simply not enough of them in the Hypostasis to protect every star system. As a holder, you’ll travel far and wide with your Void Mosaic to defend the Zoe-tropic light the Void Creatures Crave.
  • Make them In-Game Attractions for other players – Not everyone in Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent is going to be a Web 3 afficionado like you early adopters. They won’t be Bitmap holders, all. I say let them still have fun with the Void Mosaics too. Let’s make them in-game destinations where, should you find one, they provide you access to the Deathmatch game mode, and perhaps provide some kind of defensive buff whenever you engage in combat in the star system they occupy. I think this will really increase player satisfaction and am stoked to bring this feature to Aeon’s Ascent.

These are your Void Mosaics… I just discovered them…

I’m writing this article with a heavy anxiety in my chest. Well… Let’s call it excitement-laden anxiety.. I see a path forward into the Web 3 gaming space that I couldn’t have imagined when I began this game development adventure last April. I knew I WANTED to lean that direction, but I had no clue how to get there.

That’s all changing with the advent of Bitmaps, BRC-20 and BRC-420 tokens, and now… there’s these Void Mosaics.

They only exist because I made a mistake… a happy accident (thanks Bob Ross!) when coding my 3d interpretation of a Bitcoin Bitmap. Sure, the single-transaction blocks aren’t that dynamic to look at, but I have ideas for them as well that I’ll keep under my hat for now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Because these have ties to the fabric of the metaverse on Bitcoin (bitmaps), I don’t want to be the only one deciding how these Void Mosaics can be imbued with utility. I’m also a big proponent of the wisdom of a focused crowd, and building in public.

I hope you’ll join me in our Discord Server and we can chat about the utility of the Void Mosaics… Not just in Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent, but in the Bitcoin Ecosystem as a whole. Let’s make awesome together. Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent is currently on a 12-month roadmap to version 1.0 as of March 1, 2024. (More details soon!)

Your voice matters in the cosmos weโ€™re building. The Void Mosaics are just the beginning โ€“ join us in shaping a universe where your actions, your creativity, and your choices forge the future. Get ready to claim your space, influence the galaxy, and embark on an adventure like no other with Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent.

Now… enough of my rambling… Go play with the Void Mosaics!