Hello and welcome to the first installment of “The Astral Arkitekt DevLog,” a series documenting the development process of “Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent” – a cosmic card game set in the unique universe of the Astral Assemblage.

In this inaugural episode, I offer an introduction to the Astral Assemblage universe and the lore behind Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent. In this vast cosmos, celestial beings known as Archons wield power and influence, and through this game, players will experience the power of these Archons firsthand.

In the Material World of the Astral Assemblage, Archons are entities of immense power and celestial energy. In Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent, players collect and wield Aspect and Archon cards, each bearing the essence of an Archon and the card’s individual unique abilities. The strategic use of these cards determines the course of the game, making every round a thrilling, strategy-filled experience.

In this exclusive sneak peak at The Astral Assemblage Universe and Aeon’s Ascent, I’ll play-through several rounds of the mobile version of the game. This demo provides a glimpse into the unique gameplay mechanics of Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent and showcases the strategic elements that make each game a unique and thrilling event.

This episode is the beginning of our exploration of the Astral Assemblage universe and the game, Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent. Follow along as I dive deeper into the game development process, discuss new features, and bring the Astral Assemblage universe to life.

I invite you to view the full episode below to gain a deeper understanding of the Astral Assemblage universe and to get a firsthand look at Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent.

Stay tuned for “The Astral Arkitekt DevLog 002,” where I’ll be sharing more insights and updates from the game development process!