Every game has its wild card, its surprise element, that one factor that has the potential to turn the tide when all seems lost. In Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent, that spark of unexpected brilliance is encapsulated in one card: The Fool.

Don’t be misled by its seemingly innocuous name or its humble position in the cosmic hierarchy. The Fool, like its tarot counterpart, represents untapped potential, a chance for new beginnings, and a faith in the unforeseeable future. It’s a beacon of spontaneity in a game of strategy, a risk worth taking, a journey into the unknown. It reminds us to live in the moment, to trust our instincts, and to embrace the possibility that lies in each decision we make.

In this week’s Seven Archons deep dive, we will delve into the lore of The Fool, a tale intertwined with the elusive Orin, Archon of Comet Trails. We’ll uncover the origins of this unlikely hero, explore his unpredictable role in our gameplay, and reveal how even the least suspected can alter the grandest of plans. Buckle up for a journey where the destination isn’t as important as the adventure that gets us there.

Welcome to the unexpected journey of The Fool.

Part One: Origins – An Unexpected Choice

In a bustling city on a planet nestled within the Material World, a common thief and troubadour named Iffy Wisdom played his tunes, captivating the crowds while picking their pockets with deft fingers. His dexterity in theft was matched only by his ability to weave enchanting melodies, a peculiar combination of talents that did not go unnoticed.

One day, as Iffy was playing a particularly entrancing tune in the city square, he felt an unusual chill run down his spine, as if the cosmos itself was watching him. He looked up to see a star streak across the sky, illuminating the evening with a peculiar silvery light. The star seemed to pulsate in time with the music, resonating with Iffy’s melody, as if it understood, appreciated, even enjoyed the song.

Suddenly, Iffy found himself not in the city square but standing on a shimmering comet trail, the cosmic winds singing harmoniously around him. A celestial figure, cloaked in the inky darkness of the cosmos punctuated by sparkling points of starlight, stood before him. It was Orin, the elusive Archon of Comet Trails, who had been touched by the thief’s music and cunning.

“I have watched you, Iffy Wisdom, and I am intrigued,” Orin confessed, his voice like a chorus of comets whistling through space. “Your music dances with the cosmic winds, and your mischief… it holds potential, much like the unseen trails of my comets.”

Orin had a special mission in mind for Iffy. A task that required not only his talent for music but also his skill in theft and mischief. He was to travel to the Seat of the Hypostasis under the guise of an entertainer during a meeting of the Seven Spirits before The Throne, a gathering of the Chief Seven Archons.

His true purpose, however, was far more covert: he was to be Orin’s eyes and ears among the other Extra-Terrestrial Troubadours (ETT’s) present, observing, listening, and when the opportunity arose, discretely relieving them of any items or information of interest.

Little did Iffy Wisdom realize, his life as a mere thief and musician was about to become an interstellar game of intrigue, his destiny tied to the cosmic threads woven by the elusive Archon of Comet Trails.

Part Two: The Seat of The Hypostasis – Dancing with Stars and Shadows

Nervously adjusting the strings on his lute, Iffy Wisdom found himself in the midst of an ethereal landscape, where stars danced in celestial harmonies and nebulous strands of cosmic energy played a symphony of creation. This was the Seat of the Hypostasis, the center of all the cosmos, the gathering place of the Seven Archons.

The celestial beings convened before The Throne, discussing matters of cosmic significance, their voices a strange melody intertwining with the universal orchestra around them. Iffy, under the guise of a simple entertainer, began to strum his lute, playing an enchanting melody that weaved seamlessly into the cosmic symphony, enthralling the gathered archons and ETT’s.

As he played, his nimble fingers danced not only across the strings of his instrument but also through the pockets and pouches of the unsuspecting ETT’s. He deftly relieved them of data disks, astral amulets, and star charts, tucking each item away without attracting attention. However, amidst this cosmic thievery, Iffy’s eyes fell upon a singular artifact of intriguing design in the possession of one of the Urge’s ETT’s – an ancient star map encrypted with a mysterious, glowing cipher.

He carefully lifted the star map and quickly tucked it into his pocket, unnoticed. Little did Iffy know, this stolen artifact would not only change the trajectory of his own life but might also hold the keys to understanding the cryptic plans and intentions of the archons themselves.

However, the meeting was drawing to a close, and Iffy had yet to complete his most crucial task. His eyes met Orin’s across the cosmic court, an unspoken question lingering in the air: had he discovered anything about the machinations of the other archons?

As the final notes of his melody hung in the air, Iffy Wisdom couldn’t help but wonder what path his role as Orin’s ETT would lead him on next, and how this newfound life of cosmic intrigue would change him. After all, it was one thing to pick the pocket of a passerby in a city square, but quite another to outwit celestial beings with the power to shape the cosmos.

Part Three: A Fool’s Gambit – Folly’s Triumph

As the gathering stretched into its final days, Iffy became ever more adept at navigating the clandestine world of the Archons. His performances, full of energy and passion, only served to enhance his cover, allowing him to observe the cosmic beings undetected.

During one of his performances, his gaze fell upon Thorne, the Archon of Black Holes. Thorne, engrossed in a heated game of cards with a group of Archons, held a set of Aspect cards – powerful tools in the cosmic games. Amid the whirl of Thorne’s cloak, Iffy caught sight of a card nestled within the folds. The design was unmistakable – The Fool.

A plan began to take form in Iffy’s mind. If he could get his hands on that card, it might just turn the tables in Orin’s favor. It was a long shot, a risky gamble – but if there was ever a moment for a Fool’s gambit, it was now.

He took a deep breath, played a tune that captured the attention of every being in the Seat of the Hypostasis, and subtly used his skills as a pickpocket to snatch The Fool card right from under Thorne’s nose. The moment the card was in his hand, an immense energy rushed through his body. He had become The Fool, an unpredictable player in the cosmic game.

This disruption did not go unnoticed. Thorne, realizing his Aspect card was missing, scanned the room suspiciously. Orin, perceiving the sudden shift in energy, turned his gaze towards Iffy. To his surprise, he found the busker holding the missing Fool card. A soft smile spread across Orin’s face, a glimmer of pride in his eyes. His choice, however unusual, had paid off.

As the gathering came to an end, Iffy’s deed had unknowingly disrupted Thorne’s strategy, altering the outcome of the cosmic game. He had proven that even a Fool could outwit an Archon, given the right circumstances. The tale of The Fool’s origin thus becomes a testament to the power of unpredictability, the beauty of untapped potential, and the promise of a new beginning – a core principle that the Fool Aspect signifies in the grand game of Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent.

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In our exploration of the Fool aspect, we’ve witnessed the dramatic escapades of a street busker as he becomes Orin’s cosmic emissary. These tales are more than just whimsical fables; they are the foundational bricks in the ever-evolving world of Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent. They underline a central tenet of our game: even the lowest can rise to become instrumental in the grand cosmic scheme.

The Fool, despite his humble origins and mischievous nature, holds the potential to upset the cosmic balance, foil the grandest of plans, and bring unpredictability to the universe. This is a testament to the rich tapestry of characters and elements you can interact with, and manipulate, within the game.

But our journey into the lore of Seven Archons doesn’t end here. We have six more Archons and ten more Aspects to discover, each with their own rich histories, unique abilities, and intrinsic role in the cosmic order. The beauty of the game is not only in mastering the mechanics but also in immersing oneself in the lore, absorbing the tales of each character, understanding their significance, and using this knowledge to your advantage.

Stay tuned for our next deep dive where we’ll take a closer look at another Aspect card – the Serpent. For now, keep your eyes open for opportunities, for as the Fool has taught us, even the most unlikely situations can yield a path to cosmic influence. Until then, may your journey through the cosmos be filled with intrigue, strategy, and a touch of Folly’s Mischief!

The Fool, depicted above, has a base attack value of 1, and many players will want to overlook the Fool because of this, but the card’s evocation, or special ability is arguably one of the best foils of all the card’s in the Seven Archons deck!

Folly’s Mischief, when activated allows the player to reveal the cards in the Urge’s hand, and steal any one of those cards, adding it to your own hand. This can be especially useful for busting potential combos, preventing the Urge from engaging additional Archons, or helping you complete your own combos!