Welcome back to the second episode of “The Astral Arkitekt DevLog,” where I take you deeper into the development of “Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent” and the intricate universe of the Astral Assemblage, including a new trailer for the Universe of the Astral Assemblage.

In this episode, I focus primarily on the Level-Select screens of Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent. One of the key aspects that make the game experience truly immersive is the ability for players to choose their own journey through the game. And the Level-Select screen is where it all begins. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – your first chance to get hands-on with the game’s development. What do you think about the Level-Select screen? What would you change, if anything?

I’d also like to introduce the @playAAgames Twitter account and the Astral Assemblage website in this episode. These platforms are the ideal ways to keep up-to-date with all the latest news and developments regarding Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent and to engage with me and the ever-growing Astral Assemblage community.

If you haven’t yet watched DevLog 002, I invite you to check it out below. I appreciate your involvement and input as we navigate the exciting journey of game development together.

Stay tuned for future episodes of “The Astral Arkitekt DevLog.” More intriguing facets of Seven Archons: Aeon’s Ascent and the Astral Assemblage universe are waiting to be unveiled!