Cygnus, Archon of Celestial Bodies


Archon: Cygnus
Type: Archon
Card Color: Green

Cygnus, the Archon of Celestial Bodies and the Principal Architect of the Scientific Nexus, embodies the pinnacle of cosmic ingenuity and technological mastery in the Hypostasis. Tasked with the governance of celestial phenomena, he weaves the very fabric of the cosmos with a precision that mirrors the intricate orbits of the celestial bodies under his command. His leadership within the Scientific Nexus is marked by groundbreaking advancements and visionary innovations, guiding the Hypostasis’ brightest minds in their quest to unravel the universe’s secrets. In the Salvific Scales saga, Cygnus’s relentless pursuit of a solution to seal the Void Rift demonstrates his commitment to the cosmic order, showcasing his unique blend of celestial knowledge and technological prowess as he forges a path through the chaos, striving to restore balance to the cosmos with the acumen of a true architect.

Cygnus’s coalescence, “System Collapse,” manifests his dominion over technology as he imposes a total technological shutdown on the battlefield. This formidable ability extinguishes the hum of machinery and silences the whispers of technology, leaving a stark void where once there was orchestrated chaos. By invoking this power, Cygnus cancels any active Archon coalescences, rendering their celestial powers inert. Simultaneously, he disrupts the flow of battle by canceling and discarding any player evocations, stripping adversaries of their strategic advantages. The impact of “System Collapse” resonates deeply, dealing 1xd8 damage as it disrupts the fabric of the battlefield. Furthermore, Cygnus’s mastery extends to the very cards in players’ hands, compelling them to discard any cards with values 5, 7, 8, and 10, symbolizing a comprehensive purging of technological influence. In this moment, Cygnus reaffirms his status as the Lord of Technology, demonstrating his capacity to both create and dismantle with a mere gesture, casting a profound silence over the cacophony of war.